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How to Take Care of your Gold Jewellery

Gold jewellery is a timeless and treasured investment that can last for generations if properly cared for. Whether you have inherited a family heirloom or purchased a stunning new piece, maintaining its shine and lustre requires some attention to detail. Peynare jewellery is made to last and if cared for properly, it can stay with you a lifetime. Here are some comprehensive tips to ensure your gold jewellery remains as beautiful as the day you got it.

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Daily Care Tips

Avoid Contact with Chemicals: Chemicals found in everyday products like perfumes, lotions, and hairsprays can tarnish gold. It's best to apply these products before putting on your jewellery​.

Remove Jewellery During Certain Activities: Always take off your gold jewellery before swimming, bathing, or engaging in high-contact sports. Chlorine and saltwater can damage gold, and physical activities can cause scratches​.

Put Jewellery on Last: When getting ready, put your gold jewellery on last. This prevents it from coming into contact with cosmetics and hair products, which can dull its shine​.

    Cleaning Your Gold Jewellery

    Regular cleaning is essential to keep your gold jewellery looking its best. Here are some methods you can use at home:

    Soap and Water Method: Mix a few drops of mild dish soap with warm water. Soak your jewellery for about 15 minutes, then gently scrub with a soft-bristled brush. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.

    cleaning gold jewellery with toothbrush

    Baking Soda and Water Paste
    : For a deeper clean, make a paste of baking soda and water. Apply this to your jewellery, gently scrub with a soft brush, and rinse thoroughly. This method helps remove stubborn dirt without scratching the metal​.

    Vinegar and Salt Solution: Soak your gold jewellery in a solution of white vinegar and a pinch of salt for about 10 minutes. Rinse and dry carefully. This natural method is effective for removing tarnish​​.

      Professional Cleaning

      While home cleaning can keep your jewellery looking good on a day-to-day basis, professional cleaning is recommended every six to twelve months. Professional jewellers use specialised tools to polish and clean jewellery, ensuring it remains in pristine condition​. At Peynare, we offer a free lifetime cleaning service for all your jewellery. Get in touch with us today to book your free cleaning session. 

      Storing Your Gold Jewellery

      Proper storage is crucial to prevent damage and maintain the lustre of your gold jewellery:

      Use a Jewellery Box: Store your pieces in a clean, dry, fabric-lined jewellery box. This protects them from dust and scratches

      gold jewellery in a box

      Individual Wrapping: If you don't have a jewellery box, wrap each piece individually in a soft cloth or tissue paper to prevent them from tangling or scratching each other​.

      Avoid Moisture: Keep your jewellery in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing it in bathrooms or other humid areas, as moisture can lead to tarnish​​.

        Inspecting Your Jewellery

        Regular inspections are essential, especially if you wear your jewellery daily. Look for signs of damage such as loose stones, worn prongs, or scratches. Addressing these issues promptly can prevent more significant problems down the line​​.

        Additional Tips

        Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Exposure to extreme temperatures can cause gold to expand or contract, leading to potential damage. Remove your jewellery before entering saunas, hot tubs, or extremely cold environments​​.

        Avoid 24/7 Wear: Give your jewellery a break. Remove it when sleeping or doing activities that might scratch or damage it. This helps preserve its condition and reduces the risk of accidental damage​​.

        Avoid Self-Repair: If your jewellery needs repair, take it to a professional. Attempting to fix it yourself can cause more harm than good, especially if the piece is intricate or has embedded gemstones​.

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          Taking care of your gold jewellery ensures it remains beautiful and valuable for years to come. By following these tips on daily care, cleaning, and proper storage, you can maintain the brilliance and longevity of your precious pieces. Regular professional maintenance and mindful handling will keep your jewellery in top condition, ready to be admired and cherished by future generations.

          For more detailed guidance or professional services check out our online resources dedicated to jewellery care. Your gold jewellery is an investment worth protecting.

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